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Tucson, Arizona
"I feel most fortunate to have experienced Ann Marie's heart centered abilities both as energy healer and teacher. With her guidance and encouragement I explored various states of consciousness and started my journey inward. Through her compassion and support I came to know the interconnectedness of all things and that spirit which is my true self - LOVE - the essence of life. As I now begin my own energy medicine practice with much respect I honor Ann Marie Chiasson M.D. my healer,my teacher,my friend."

Love & Gratitude

Self-Healing with Energy Medicine
January 26, 2019
California Institute for Integral Studies 
San Francisco, CA

Energy medicine addresses the electromagnetic field (or energy field) that underlies the organs and physical structure of the body. From this perspective, disease or illness is viewed as an imbalance or block of the body's natural flow. Energy medicine incorporates hands on healing and other techniques to change, stimulate, and/or shift the underlying energy that is associated with the disease process.

This workshop introduces the fundamentals of self-healing with energy medicine for improved vitality as well as the alleviation of chronic illness and pain. Join medical doctor, Ann Marie Chiasson for an exploration of the energy field, the basics of energy medicine, and the fundamentals of vitality and energy flow. Learn how to support and heal your body through a variety of techniques based in the chakra system, traditional Chinese medicine, and other healing modalities.

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Energy Medicine for Self-Healing
May 3-5, 2019
Kripalu Center
Lenox, MA

Explore the energy field, the basics of energy medicine, and the fundamentals of vitality and energy flow with medical doctor Ann Marie Chiasson. This program addresses specific health issues, chronic illness, and chronic pain states, according to the individual needs of program participants. Ann Marie has studied with healers, teachers, and shamans from multiple modalities and traditions, and blends conventional health care with energy medicine and other traditional healing modalities. 

Using movement and self-healing exercises, you 
  • Examine the health of the body’s energy field, remove blocks, and increase energy flow
  • Develop a deeper relationship with states of awareness housed within the body to augment vitality and healing
  • Explore awakening through the body, a radically different approach from techniques that emphasize mind and consciousness
  • Create a plan for working with the energy body when you return home.

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Evening Classes 

The Mystery of Healing: Five evening workshop
Tucson,  AZ 85716

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