Integrative & Energy Medicine
Ann Marie Chiasson, MD

Tucson, Arizona
"I feel most fortunate to have experienced Ann Marie's heart centered abilities both as energy healer and teacher. With her guidance and encouragement I explored various states of consciousness and started my journey inward. Through her compassion and support I came to know the interconnectedness of all things and that spirit which is my true self - LOVE - the essence of life. As I now begin my own energy medicine practice with much respect I honor Ann Marie Chiasson M.D. my healer,my teacher,my friend."

Love & Gratitude

Energy Medicine for Self-Healing 
May 4-6, 2018
Kripalu, Lenox, MA 

Explore the energy field, the basics of energy medicine, and the fundamentals of vitality and energy flow with medical doctor Ann Marie Chiasson. This program addresses specific health issues, chronic illness, and chronic pain states, according to the individual needs of program participants. Ann Marie has studied with healers, teachers, and shamans from multiple modalities and traditions, and blends conventional health care with energy medicine and other traditional healing modalities.

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Origins of Wellness Cruise with Andrew Weil
October 6-20, 2018
Ann Marie Chiasson will be a guest speaker.
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Heal Your Story, Heal Your Life
An Integrative Approach to Narrative Medicine
December 1 - 9, 2018
COD Ranch, Oracle, AZ
$2400 before September 1st

Join Drs. Ann Marie Chiasson and Mark Pirtle
for this transformative 8 Day Retreat. 
Do you feel that the life you are living is not 
the one you envisioned for yourself? Are you 
troubled by illness, doubt, anxiety, and fears 
that will not clear, no matter what you do, or 
how hard you try to change? Only you can 
fully appreciate that struggle, but it is also 
true that you are not alone. Everyone carries 
wounds and defenses that don’t serve their 
soul’s purpose. Healing and working 
through such patterns takes a tremendous 
amount of courage and effort. Despite the 
challenges, for some, the need for healing and 
creative change is now the top priority. Your 
entire history – your unique story – is carried 
within your body and mind. Explore that story through the lens of narrative medicine. Jump start your healing with shamanic practices, shadow work, healing, meditation, mindfulness and direct experiential awareness. This retreat is a rare opportunity to align more fully with your life’s mission, and to foster great clarity, creativity, and renewal. Come expecting to have fun, look deeply within, and to be joyously shifted. This conference is also open to
practitioners that want to self-explore and learn these techniques. 
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Evening Classes 

The Mystery of Healing: Five evening workshop
Tucson,  AZ 85716

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